About Dave

Dave Damiani is an American singer based out of Los Angeles, CA. Having worked as a bartender at the famed CHARLIE O'S JAZZ CLUB in Valley Village, CA, Dave Damiani had the opportunity to work, learn and become friends with some of the best musicians on the planet.   Legends like Earl Palmer, Marty Harris, Ross Tompkins, Sam Most, Teddy Edwards, John Heard, Roy McCurdy, Frank Capp, Ernie McDaniel, Dini Clarke, Danny Grissett, George Gaffney, Mark Murphy, and Richie Cole (just to name a few) took time to mentor Dave Damiani, share stories and chord changes.  Shortly after receiving his master's degree in Commercial Music from the California State University in Los Angeles, Dave begun his pursuit to put together the perfect band with youth and style.  His debut album "Watch What Happens" has been receiving world wide airplay. Brad "Martini" Chambers was the first to discover Dave Damiani's originality.  He has been playing him constantly on www.martiniinthemorning.com since 2013. Also, he is receiving airplay on over 300 radio stations and on Satellite Radio XM 71 (Siriusly Sinatra).  His highly anticipated next album "Midlife Crisis" is amazing and is doing fantastic.  We will see if he has any Grammy luck in 2015 with the never before recorded original song by Johnny Mandel, Marilyn & Alan Bergman "I've Been Around." 


"You're record "Watch What Happens" is great!  You should really be proud.  I mean great and I don't just say these things."


-Johnny Mandel
Oscar and Grammy Award Winning Composer and Arranger

Dave Damiani has performed for:  Leonardo DiCaprio, Ryan Seacrest, Gene Simmons, David Spade, David Hasslehoff, Jack Klugman, CBS Television, ABC Television, FOX Television, Polo, The Marriott Corporation, EHarmony, Monster Energy Drink, Apple Computer, Microsoft, CITI (CitiBank), The Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton, Ryan Kavinaugh & Relativity Media, Wolfgang Puck, Cuba Gooding Jr, Oliver Stone, Ridley Scott, The Beverly Hills Hotel, Cafe' Carlyle - New York City, The Jazz Kitchen - Indianapolis, The Radio Hall Of Fame, Charles Durning, Ray Liotta, Budweiser, University of Texas - San Antonio and many more...